ikolai Mentchoukov has been widely acclaimed as one of the leading experts worldwide in the fields of rich media content and creation of new on-line advertising and marketing models. He brought to the market a rare combination of creative talent and innovative mind.

He is the creator of the first Webmercial (Web commercial) and developer of rich media optimization technique, which in 1999 allowed for instant streaming of rich media with no download time, even over slow modems.  Nikolai has broken new ground in advertising with his now well-known “Dancing Cola Can” (1999) and the first “Web Illusion” for David Copperfield (2001), the Integral Spot, database-driven creative that worked across different media, web and TV (2001), content management and email marketing systems, interstitial distribution system and display advertising dynamic assembly, dispatching, tracking and reporting systems and video-advertising platforms.

Nikolai received numerous international awards in recognition of the best and most creative web designers worldwide and his achievements in technology and innovations, including the World Best Website 1999-2000, UTAH Innovation Award 2011, and nomination for Edison Awards in 2013. He also was elected member of the panel to judge for International Web Page Award in San Francisco, New Your Festival, Utah Innovation Award and WebAwards by Web Marketing Association.

Nikolai’s design credits include, Dupont, General Electric, FINNAIR, Embassy Suites, Hyatt, Best Western, Thompson Scientific, Assignment America, Confucius Institute and many other recognized brands.

Nikolai continues to push the envelope by continually inventing and developing new cutting edge technologies including LIQWID adaptive advertising format and delivery system. 

His developments have enabled some products to work on other mediums such as television and print, and be instantly updateable online.  One of such product, the Integral Spot, enabled clients to update their commercials online instantly whenever they want, and also update the creative for TV broadcast quality. The first client to use this product in 2001 was FINNAIR, who commissioned a 30 second TV commercial, and also used the product in their email marketing and web campaigns.  The ability to instantly update the commercial whenever they like was very useful to the client, who had new specials every week, and did not want to foot the cost of updating a traditional television creative on a weekly basis. Interesting, it won TELLY Award as a TV commercial being esentually a database-driven Flash file created for the on-line delivery as well.

Nikolai Mentchoukov is inventor of the FSDC technology — method and system for File-Server Direct Connection that led into the foundation of accurate reporting on the ads actually viewed by each individual viewer, not only for on-line advertising, but DVD, cable, outdoor and other media on devices connected to the network. Also he is inventor of many other technologies, methods and systems for the digital advertising industry and has been acclaimed as the “Father of Viewable Impression” after he described the methodology used for a new standard and brought the viewable impression technology through the audit for the first accreditation by Media Rating Council (MRC) in 2009.

Before inventing the first webmercial, Nikolai was the president and Creative Director of Greatis, rated the number one advertising agency in the former Soviet Union.  At Greatis his clients included Coca Cola, Baskin & Robins, Eveready and Glad. In the late 80's he produced and directed first TV commercials for private Russian companies and developed one of the first billboard network in the post Soviet Russia.

Always looking for opportunity to exchange creative ideas and experience with the world’s best creative professionals, between 1992 and 1996 he founded Russian Academy of Graphic Design, published a magazine on modern visual arts “Greatis” and founded Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee.

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